The Predator Bay Water Ski Club (PBWSC) is a private, non-profit society made up of a group of dedicated water-skiing enthusiasts. The club brings together a wide mix of individuals, all with a common passion for spending time on the water, with family, friends and guests at two of the best man made ski lakes in Canada. We host a variety of regional activities including provincial sponsored training weeks and nationally sanctioned slalom tournaments. We do NOT post directions to the site on our website.

The Club is located on a private site 10 kms south of the Calgary City limits. Through a unique relationship with an area landowner, the club has exclusive access to an amazing 2 water ski lakes.
The lakes which are approximately 2100 feet long by 200 feet wide, sit at the base of a 200-foot ridge next to the Bow River.
The lakes are well protected from the wind and seems to come with its own favorable weather system. The water is spring fed and remains clear and clean all season. 
Skiing starts May 01 and continues through to the middle of September.
For 2014 the club will be using brand new Mastercraft Prostars
Member fees pay the annual operating costs, which allow the club to provide lake access and unlimited skiing privileges behind 2 tournament boats. The club also provides and maintains 2 slalom courses,1 jump, a clubhouse, and dock facilities. From Mid May to Mid August, a full time boat driver is available during daytime hours, allowing members to drop by anytime for a set or two. During the evenings, qualified members provide boat-driving coverage. We also use the latest Cruise control technology to help ensure the best possible skiing conditions for our members.